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Our Story

Adam & Jon met at Bowling Green State University in Northwest Ohio in the Spring of 2011 and instantly bonded over arguing over which state, Ohio or Michigan, was superior, especially in craft beer quality. (Adam growing up in Cleveland, OH and Jon in Detroit, MI)

What we didn't argue over, however, was our love and dedication to hiking the outdoors, exploring the National Parks, and sailing the Great Lakes.

In 2017 we asked ourselves: with ~600 craft breweries between Ohio & Michigan, 1000's of craft beer choices, and with the rise of internet shopping being the new normal, why are regular folks stuck with the same ~10 craft beer selections from their local grocery stores weekend after weekend? And what about the folks that have moved away from the snow and cold? How are they supposed to enjoy their home state brews?

Rivalry Brews was born.

Our Mission is simple. Whether you live local or across the country, we are bringing you Ohio (Michigan soon) craft beer right to your doorstep while donating a portion of the proceeds to clean up the Great Lakes, end pollution of the water and beaches, and save marine life.

Join us on our adventures. The responsibility to preserve the beauty of the Lakes is up to all of us. We might as well enjoy a beer while we are at it. #ForTheLakes

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Our Goal is simple, bring different Ohio craft beers right to your door while giving back to clean up the Great Lakes. 

Enjoying beer while fighting pollution and saving animals, pretty cool, huh?


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” – William James 


Beer enthusiast.  Entrepreneur. Eagle Scout.  Cleveland sports aficionado. Excited to bring Ohio craft beer right to you, wherever you may be, while giving back to clean up our Great Lakes.


Beer lover.  World Traveler and Adventurer.  Explorer. Detroit sports die hard. Excited to obtain our Michigan license and offer our customers MI beers so we can all finally decide who has better beer; Michigan vs. Ohio.



100% Fresh Beer

Minimal time from beer canning/bottling to when it arrives at your front door

Dozens of Breweries featured

Hundreds of beers tasted for quality


100% Independent Community

Join our RB community on Instagram and win beer, cash prizes,  and brewery get trips!

Follow us as we document our mission to give back to the Great Lakes, and join us as we do!


No Hassle

Easy & Simple to Order

Track your beer so you know when it will arrive

No subscription fees and no cancellation issues- order when you want to! 


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